How to overcome common fears in childbirth

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The co-founders of HBT are passionate educators and mothers with unique birth and parenting experiences. Our goal is to empower families to be the authority of their life, not just their birth. We have witnessed too many families hand over their autonomy and power during the birth experience; that lack of confidence carries into parenthood. We coach and empower families to ask the right questions, to confidently trust their intuition, and to shed the guilt and judgment pushed on them by soceity. Confidence in parenthood starts during pregnancy and birth.


Brittany Baxter

Crystal and Michaela are both so great. They make you feel confident as a woman. Even though I chose a c-section, I was at one time thinking about vbac. They gave me some wonderful information and so much encouragement. If you're ever needing advice these are your two gals to go to.

benton, KY
Crystal Baker

I was wanting more from this birth than just another baby story. I wanted to connect with myself and not escape the moment because I was scared of the pain, scared of the situation, or forced into missing the moment. I wanted for the moment to be completely human. For me that meant having a natural birth and knowing what to choose. Crystal Michel and Michaela Rosales helped me decide what I wanted and what I needed so that I could end the story how I had always wanted to.

VBAC & Virtual Doula Client
Ashley Thomason

When I was pregnant with my first little girl any questions I needed answered, Crystal and Michaela were always right there! Once I had her, I knew I wanted to breastfeed but it was so stressful. There again, they saved the day! I breastfed my first little girl for 4 1/2 months and my second for 7 1/2 months! Any help you ever need, never be too shy to ask! They will fix you right up!

Benton, KY
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Crystal Michel
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